Anton GrachevThe CEO of the high technology park “IT park”.
Lenar KhalikovThe Head of the business incubator of “IT-park Kazan”.
Yaroslav ShvetsovRepresentative of Investment Fund “KamaFlow”.
Eugene BorisovPartner and Business Development Director at “KamaFlow”.
Ilya KrasinskyIIDF, Happy Farm Business Incubator, Magic Ink, Russia Apple Developer User Group.
Syed ShahzadFounder and Director General of “Oxademy”.
Muddassar AhmedCo-founder of “Unitas Communications”
Ahmet Halit HatipExpert at ICYF-DC Secretariat
Saafir Rabb II“Interculture” CEO.
Shahed AmanullahCo-Founder & CT;
Affinis Labs.
Imran SayeedSenior Lecturer;
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management.
Mahomed IqbalThe Head of investment banking.
Mirza BaigPartner;
Aldrich capital partners.
Natalya KasperskyThe CEO of “InfoWatch” group.
Hossam EL-Din AwadChairman of the Youth Committee Business Owner Union
Ahmed Galal Eldin IbrahimChairman of the International Business & Investment Association IBIA